Senergia supplies 9.2 MW solar panels to Oulun Energia in Finland!

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Senergia initiates a collaboration with Oulun Sähkönmyynti, a part of the Oulun Energia Group. According to the contract signed, Senergia delivers approx 9.2 MW solar panels. The panels are transported in two separate deliveries and will be installed in several different objects around Finland.

This is Senergias largest single deal to date and a significant milestone for both Oulun Energia and Senergia. Both parties are very satisfied with the contract and aim to deepen cooperation in the future.

\”Senergia\’s fast and good service guarantees an excellent end result!\” – Arttu Raitala, Oulun Energia


Thomas Litner, CEO, phone: +46 70-4212374
Filippa Adolfsson, Marketing, phone: +46 70-3815155



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